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Fierce war of wolves and Vampires


                  Rules BiteFight

§ 1 Accounts
I. Sharing Accounts
Sharing accounts is prohibited. For one account may play only one user. If one computer / IP address / share more players, have the obligation to declare your GO. If it fails to do so, expose the risk of permanent account blocking due to multiusingu. Representation of characters with another game player is completely prohibited and will be considered as multiusing. Exceptions can be granted or Game Operator of the server.
II. More Accounts (Mulťáctví, Multiusing)
Each user is authorized to use only one gaming account on one game server. If you use multiple accounts, you will be all accounts permanently blocked without warning. If you connect from school, internet caffe, games or other public networks, it is necessary to be able to prove it.
The use of proxy servers and other tools to change the IP addresses is strictly prohibited.
In the event that you have been blocked accounts on the server for the multi and you on the same server, set up another account, the negotiations are still regarded as multiusing. To play in the other server, you must first ask permission of GO, which you must allow GO to enter all your accounts zabanované located on the server and agree with their deletion.
III. Exchange accounts
Exchange accounts is prohibited! Allowed only give an account by following these steps:
- A player who wishes to donate your account, write to the forum section for this purpose,
- Indicating a link to the character, which he intends to donate,
- If known candidates, both GO contacting the server on which the account is located
- The original owner is obliged to delete all your notes and reports,
- Original owner also writes GO server, who gives an account and password communicated to this account, which go over and allow the donation account
- GO forward to the new owner password, which is required to change the old password and an activation e-mail,
- Moderators lock the thread in the forum and this donation is over.
Not be allowed any conditions donation; always an unconditional donation and not entitled to reimbursement of the account back. If not complied with the above procedure and terms when using the game of suspected machinations with accounts, has the right to block the account.
One game should not change the account owner of more than 1 per 31 days.
IV. Prohibition of liquidation
Without the written consent of the user is not allowed to enter into contracts with third parties on the transfer, use or transfer the relevant account and login. In particular, is expressly prohibited selling account or other exploitation. This also applies to sale and exploitation of login, user rights, contact with the supply and disposal of similar formulations, which can be used to circumvent this rule. Unauthorized disposal, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, copying or other infringement of the rights will be prosecuted under current laws.
V. Prohibition on trade in stones
It is forbidden to anyone to communicate "SMS code and phone numbers for ordering ďábelských stones. They are also prohibited any transactions with ďábelskými stones, particularly offering "protection" or entry into the clan, only a certain number of stones.
VI. Transmission master clan
If the master clan permanently disabled, the administrator can clan or clan member (if there is no nezablokovaný administrator) GO appropriate to ask the server for transmission of the championship. Likewise, it is possible to request a transfer championship when the current master has activity for the last 2 months.
VII. Password to play your account
It is the duty of each player to have your account password secure enough. Disclosure password to play the account is banned - except for members of the team game. Game operators will deal with cases of thefts of accounts, which contained too simple password to the principles of safety on the Internet. The password is not secure, inter alia, considered the same password on behalf of the characters or less password 6 characters.

Section 2 Use bugů Games
Use of game bugs, errors in programming BiteFight favoritism and other illegal, is prohibited. Each player is required immediately after finding a bug report, so is obliged to report even a suspicion of someone who uses bugy game.

Section 3 interventions in gaming technology
The utilization of a script (and any other tools causing excessive load or database server) is strictly prohibited. Their use will be assessed as an attempt to damage the server or znepříjemnit play other players.

Section 4 Blackmail / Vulgarismy
I. Blackmail
Any blackmail, whether in games or in real life, discrimination and other illegal activity and restriction is prohibited.
II. Vulgarismy
It is forbidden to anyone to send obscene or offensive messages, or messages degrading human dignity.
III. Vulgarismy in titles
Game accounts, which contain obscene or offensive words in the title, will be immediately and without warning renamed.
In assessing the expressions of bad taste always depends on the meaning, not the exact wording (this means that the "stars" and similar expressions are still obscene).
If the alliance (clan) in their name, brief description or contain vulgar or offensive words (lyrics), can be dissolved without warning and the property forfeited. For violation of this rule will be responsible master clan.
It is also strictly forbidden to create a game character with a name that is identical or similar to, or include the name (or form of the name) team member BiteFight (GO, SGO, GA or forum moderator, forum supermoderátora, BA). Such characters can be used without prior warning permanently blocked.
In the event that the player uses the same nick with Nick gaming operator, will decide the date of the game to activate the account. If the player use the same or similar nick with Nick gaming operator, let the agreement dealt with individually.

Section 5 Description of the character (characteristics) and a description of clan
Characteristics of the game characters can not contain insults, racism, illegal drug references and publicity in any form, namely:
It is prohibited in the description of the characters in any way offensive or otherwise inappropriate to attack another player (including offensive reference to a profile of another player), place links to sites that promote jakýkokoliv pornographic material, and place images in the ASCII art marking insults, racism, the promotion of drug use (here comes for example, the file list of marijuana), or otherwise unsuitable chararakteru images (eg picture vztyčeným mediator, etc.) In addition, links type Ctrl + W, Alt + F4 or too long (broad) characteristics.
Link to victims bitten (kousátko):
When you use this link without a clear indication that this is a reference for the bitten victims, this meeting will be considered infringements of the rules. To insert the link instead of the address for the page is responsible clan clan master.
The description of worship subject to the same conditions, which are intended to describe the characteristics of a game character. For a description of his clan is responsible master.

Section 6 of aggression
I. Definitions / Restrictions
More than 5 attacks (that is 6 or more) per player per calendar day is regarded as aggression (bashing) and will not be tolerated.

Section 7 Other offenders
Any acts or speeches in the play, or acts or manifestations associated with the game, which is a member of PF team found to be contrary to morality or applicable law, shall be punished in accordance with the sanctions list, which is part of the game rules. It is in the interest of other players who are with the above activities will meet to refer the matter told the operator the game.

Section 8 Amendment Decision
Decision gaming operator responsible for the BiteFight server may be (except his own) changed only SuperGameOperátorem or Game Admin.

Section 9 Compensation
If the player has suffered an error or mistake programmers gaming operators, is not normally entitled to return the characters to their original state (backup).
You may be the game operator to appeal the decision so that the contact Super Game Operator, or further Game Admin.

§ 10 Exclusion from the game
Any violation of these rules may lead to blocking your account, or exclusion from the game. Depending on the seriousness of your offense against the rules can be punished at all BiteFight servers and can also prevent the entry into the official forum or IRC channels.

§ 11 The main operating conditions
Players who do not agree with the main operating conditions BightFight because of their nationality, age or other reasons, will be familiar with the main operating conditions using the internal translation rules retrospectively. In this way, not provided any legal connection between the player and the main operating conditions, but the same position for all players made form of punishment for the problems. The game is in Czech language and it is also English. If a player receives a foreign language in the game report and to complain, the author of the report to get the ban.
An exception is the release in Slovak and English.
It is prohibited to send messages encouraging players to register on the site of another company (perhaps under the pretext of profit gaming benefits such as Devil stones). This prohibition also applies to the characteristics of players / clans (it is considered as a mass distribution). The usual result of a breach of this rule is 14 day ban. (This rule does not apply only to products Gameforge).

Section 12 Amendment of the rules of the game
Game rules normally do not change, but BiteFight team booking the right to change the rules.
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Founder Topics
The list of penalties
Annex to the rules of the game
The list of penalties
§ 1 Accounts
I. Sharing of account: a permanent ban
II. Playing with multiple accounts: a permanent ban
III. Exchange accounts: a permanent ban
IV. Realization: a permanent ban
V. Trade with stones: a permanent ban

Section 2 Use of error game: permanent ban

Section 3 interventions in gaming technology: permanent ban

Section 4 Blackmail / vulgarismy
I. Blackmail: permanent ban
II. Vulgarismy
a. vulgarismy offense and lenient character:
1. offense - 3 days ban
2. offense - 7 days ban
3. offense - 14 day ban
4. offense - 35 day ban
each subsequent offense - 35 day ban
b. Gross vulgarismy offense and the character:
1. offense - 7 days ban
2. offense - 14 day ban
3. offense - 35 day ban
each subsequent offense - 35 day ban
No. particularly serious offense and vulgarismy, racism, verbal attacks on
family or real life - a permanent ban
III. Vulgar nick name clan
1. offense - 3 days ban
2. offense - 7 days ban
3. offense - 14 day ban
4. offense - 35 day ban
each subsequent offense - 35 day ban
IV. Creating accounts with the names of team members: permanent ban

Section 5 Description and name of the character, clan
I. Description and name of the character
a. vulgarismy offense and lenient character:
1. offense - 3 days ban
2. offense - 7 days ban
3. offense - 14 day ban
4. offense - 35 day ban
each subsequent offense - 35 day ban
b. Gross vulgarismy offense and the character:
1. offense - 7 days ban
2. offense - 14 day ban
3. offense - 35 day ban
each subsequent offense - 35 day ban
No. particularly serious offense and vulgarismy, racism, verbal attacks
the family or real life - a permanent ban
II. Description of a clan name - corresponding master
a. vulgarismy offense and lenient character:
1. offense - 3 days ban
2. offense - 7 days ban
3. offense - 14 day ban
4. offense - 35 day ban
each subsequent offense - 35 day ban
b. Gross vulgarismy offense and the character:
1. offense - 7 days ban
2. offense - 14 day ban
3. offense - 35 day ban
each subsequent offense - 35 day ban
No. particularly serious offense and vulgarismy, racism, verbal attacks
the family or real life: a permanent ban
III. Kousátko, images inappropriate nature, inappropriate description
1. offense - 3 days ban
2. offense - 7 days ban
3. offense - 14 day ban
4. offense - 35 day ban
each subsequent offense - 35 day ban
Section 6 Bashing
1. offense - 3 days ban
2. offense - 7 days ban
3. offense - 14 day ban
4. offense - 35 day ban
each subsequent offense - 35 day ban

In the case of bashingu in order to prevent the game can be directly used by a more serious penalty, possibly even a permanent ban.
Section 7 Other offenders
In the case of detection and proof of committing offenders as defined in Section 7 of the rules of the game will decide on the form and level of the penalty operator corresponding game server administrator with the consent of the game. The administrator can decide a game that provinivší the player will be punished at all the game servers, if your gaming accounts here.
Non-exhaustive list of sanctions:
- Notifications
- 1-35 day BAN
- Permanent BAN
- Deleting game account

Warning: Each player in the event of disagreement with the decision of GO / SGO right to the last court - the opportunity to defend against Team play for their mistakes, which caused in the game, and request a change in the sentence. Changing the amount of punishment or the complete abolition of entitlements is not a final verdict is the responsibility of team members
Link to the CGI IRC client to connect to the last court
When you run the client you enter your name players, help us orientation.
BITEFIGHT.CZ Game Administrator (hating n00bs since 1993)
- Not the mail, and questions why you ban, since it is here you GO
- Not the mail, and questions where you can find - there is a magic forum and click Search!

Did you get a BAN know why? Krátky compiled a glossary of your sins, therefore, that our GO neupsali hands and to give constructive things.
MULTIUSING - it's very well-known matter, two or more accounts on one server. Multiusing get where someone share one account or if you have not report IP sharing (eg, playing school, include a family, etc.)
Message - send an internal message (PM) and write to someone you do not have? You have sinned against the rules of the game somehow? Blackmailed you? Someone threatened you? Promoted you anything is against law and morality? We care if you believe that the world should vyholi head wound, or that without your favorite drug - namai right here something like this to spread, and will not be.
BUILDING - When you give attention to the expression, your choice of why Nick (user name) should be left aside? This material prize win for the offensive and vulgar as well as Nicky offensive or otherwise inappropriate images and text in the description of the character (characteristics).
ALLIANZ - Master clan is always responsible for his entire clan, including descriptions and links. If you vzpoměli that you do klanového description known vyznakované gesture is vztyčeným mediator or something similar, in turn, to quickly forget. The same applies to the obscene statements, images and so on. This rule are also subject to title, description and symbol clan.
BASHING - aggression according to the rules of the game. NO, not us, what you did. NO, we are one of you to remember. NO, ignored the fact that you save the new armor on and you took the last gold or that you were dirty. Did you report to GO and not to play at Judge Lynch. For your comfort, contested must go GO (Game Operator) in their mailbox the messages that the evidence convinced himself, so it is very unlikely that you referred to in this process someone zabanoval wrong.
BUG-USING - any abuse bugu (errors) games, including writing kilometrových characteristics - Do you believe that no one will not?
Stealing - (theft). Frequently it is the account. We want to alert you that, at present, the new admin tool not return accounts and it is shown to any stolen account zabanovaný straight. Do not count with his returning.
turn: all those who provide fraudsters password - we do not know what you who promises, but if you believe that your manager will offer the game something against the rules, I think you fell from strawberries to the character. Stones for free? Stones for a ludicrously low price? You ban now tell if the password? Largely to themselves trying to break the rules of the game, regardless of NATO, that the provision of a password to someone else than it is multiusing GO. If you want to be sure, type GO, you agree that it is changing the password and put password to anyone.
Deception - any fraud. Write a "Hello, I GO Tenaten, give me your password and I can activate for free the Lord of Shadows," is not just IQ tests for each player, but the issue is someone who is not and, therefore, papa lala. The same is true when you write GO "Hi, I'm a player Tenaten and some jerk stole my account" and you Henonententy and trying to commit a previous violation of the rules. GO can then give Ententyky, what you zabanuje.
Digression: If someone with such experience, the correct solution is to write to the forum. The correct solution is: a) Do not delete messages from the impostor, GO immediately contact your server, if assigned, or when on vacation, or SGO GA and describe it for what it is (and give him consent to change the password that you to check), c) then throw on the forum.
SELLING - as plain as day. It's for sale account, part of the account, equipping, and I do not know what all else. Register (and also each login) agree with the general business conditions, which include that they are not enriching the intellectual property Gameforge.
Pushing - these awards will get when you throw his kousatko (teething link) other than expressly permitted in the "overview"

Owner reserves the right to arbitrarily change the rules, or modify. It is up to you to the following rules take note. Later ignorance rules will not be considered!
Any breaches of these rules (including rules of the Forum now and of course the individual sub-rules) may cause the grant or warning later BANu (after ignoring warnings)! Administrators have the right to grant such Bany as the Forum, and the IRC chat.

§ 1 Accounts Warning (Warn) and Bany

1.1. Each user to register and use only a single account. Creating multiple accounts with one user is not tolerated and will be punished zabanováním all accounts and can be followed by IP BAN. It is also not allowed to register for the next account if you have one already zabanován.

1.2. After reaching three warning zabanován may account for up to 2 weeks, in extreme cases and for a longer period. Account can be zabanován permanently, if the user has received several warnings after unlock account.
1.3. In extreme cases, may be granted BAN without warning.
1.4. Modifying of a warning (eg lubrication) is prohibited and may cause BANu on the Forum.

§ 2 The behavior of the Forum
2.1. Sending messages with links to racist, pornographic, politically radical, immoral and offensive material that may be in conflict with applicable laws of, is strictly prohibited.
2.1.1. Previous paragraph shall also apply to Nick (nickname) User Forum.
2.1.2. It is prohibited to send and requiring contributions to the "warez" (illegal software), crack, serial number and other illegal goods. Wrongdoing at this point may be the cause of granting immediate warning.
2.1.3. It is expressly forbidden to send messages containing personal information of users (including phone numbers, addresses and other sensitive information subject to protection under the law to protect personal data) anywhere in the publicly accessible parts of the Forum; exception can only be hidden communication between the user and Team members. Breach shall have the effect of granting immediate permanent Banu on the Forum.
2.2. Sending messages unrelated to the topic is undesirable and will be punished warning. An exception on this point consists of the section "Spamboard".
2.2.1. This includes sending messages in breach of any rules. Assessment of the Admin team.
2.3.1. Images in signatures may not exceed the following rates:
Height: 250 px
Width: 500 px
File Size: 45 kB
It allowed one image per signature.
Team members may be allowed to have more signatures, avatars, with the consent of administrator.
2.3.2. Signatures may not contain more than 3 lines of standard large text.
2.3.3. Images attached to the individual contribution may not exceed the following rates:
Height, width: 400 px
A size 100 kB
2.3.4. Moderators have the right at any time to modify or delete images. It is not allowed to have one of the more than 5 files in accordance with section 2.3.3.
2.3.5. Administrators can edit signatures and images in them.
2.3.6. Names must be thread-based as far as possible (or as required by sub-) as accurately as possible representative of the nature of the problem, which deals with the thread.
2.4. Verbal cues, or attacks on other users and moderators inappropriate language (foul), and vulgar words are prohibited throughout the forum.
2.5. Team administrators have the right to censorship of any contribution. Notice of censorship can be found in the contribution.
2.6. Re-creation of thread on the same subject, which has locked the moderator, is prohibited. If you want to unlock your locked topic, please contact a moderator.
2.7. Sales accounts, exchange and trading ďábelskými stones are prohibited throughout the Forum and beyond!
2.8. Loading contributions with links to other online games out of the Games, web sites with computer and web visitors to click ads is prohibited.
2.9. Language is English forum. English and Slovak is tolerated. Post in the other languages will be ruthlessly deleted. An exception is Spamboard.
2.10. Requirements Odbanování is not dealt with anywhere in the forum. If Unban request, contact the administrator via e-mail, IRC or private message on the Forum.
2.11. Spamování images and smilies are not allowed, as may be "freezing" someone on the PC. Sending pictures or other similar matters more than party, where the visitor must scrollovat wheel, is not permitted (whether vertically or horizontally).
2.12. Each post must contain at least 4 words. Contribution below this limit will be taken as spam. Words such as "LOL, rofl, LMAO, OMG, etc. are taken as one word.
2.13. If you feel falsely accused / and, first contact the moderator who issued warning, and try to talk to him about it. If this does not help, contact the highest admin "Board Admin" (eg Toranagu); Board Admin decision is final and can not appeal against it.
2.14. Impersonation of any person (whether nick, signing, or anything other) with higher credentials than the user, is a crime and will be punished Bane.
2.15. The so-called. "Posthunting" is prohibited. These are sending messages only to achieve a greater number than other users of the forum. Violation will be punished warning or Bane.
2.16. Sending messages to people zabanovaným is prohibited. The exemption applies to the so-called "good-bye" topics (you must have permission from the admin). Sharing account zabanovanou party is prohibited and may be punished Bane shared account.
2.17. Talk about BANech and team decisions in a public forum is not permitted and may result in further Bany. Solve your problems exclusively with victims and injured to the Admin, which issued BAN.

Things to address the Board Admins are:
- Signature Bany
- Unban (by email, IRC)
- Changes the name, title
- Moderátorství
Administrators reserve the power of attorney, by a business BANů anything is the best forum.
  31-05-2007 15:08
Board Administrator
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Server: 9

Add Rules
Offenders and penalties

Sale / Exchange accounts ďábelských and stones on the Forum: Permanent Ban
Multiusing on the Forum: Permanent Ban
From spam bots kousacím in the reference: the first 3 days Ban, Ban read more
Spamming reference to gainful lines (buxto, adbux and below.) Pornographic and racist websites (violation of the rules of the Forum in accordance with section 2.1. And 2.8.) Permanent Ban
Spamming reference to another online game out of the Games:
first offense - 1 day Ban
second offense - 7 days Ban
third offense - Permanent Ban

Light insult towards another user forums:
first offense - 7 days Ban
second offense - 14 days Ban
third offense - Permanent Ban

Heavy insult towards another user forums, vulgarism to the Forum: first offense 14 days Ban, Ban read more
Insult against Team members: first offense 21 days Ban, Ban read more
Insult to the nationalist, racist basis: Permanent Ban
Editing and deleting Warning (Warn) and any other reports coming in from members of the Team: First offense 14 day Ban, Ban read more
Deception on the Forum: first offense 21 days Ban, Ban read more
Repeated sending of spam in the report by clicking on "Report" (ie 2 reports, and more): one-Ban
Other: Warning (warn) and according to the number of potentially Ban Warning (Warn).

Number of Warning (warn) on appropriate Ban:
3. warn - 7 days Ban
6. warn - 14 days Ban
9. warn - 21 days Ban
12. warn - Permanent Ban

Links to selected sub-rules:
Proposals for a game: rules for the design
Donation: Donation
Rules for the Roh: The rules for this section - Registry of Heroes
Rules for Clans Forum: Rules for this section - Clans and how to present their clan

Links to the FAQ Forum and games:
PS: Thanks for compiling Gahanovi abundantly above - I only made a few additions.
List of GO and SGO individual servers
Rules, read them and respect ... just click here.
Forum rules, read them and respect ... just click here.
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